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Muscle-bound Ator and his mute East Asian sidekick travel from the ends of the earth to save his aged mentor from the evil, mustachioed Zor.
In this sequel, the Fighting Eagle returns. This time he must save a former mentor from the evil Zor. Ator battles cavemen, invisible swordsmen, and barbarians with his new sidekick Thong to finally have the ultimate showdown with Zor.
Even MST3K couldn&#39;t make this painful, long, and ultimately mind-bending drek funny or entertaining. While most bad movies in and of themselves are hilariously bad, this one is one of those few videos that uses the word bad in its literal sense.<br/><br/>The element that makes this so PAINFUL to watch is not the lack of story, but the fact that SOOOO much background is crammed into the first half-hour that it is utterly ridiculous and harder to follow than a highway while driving with no headlights.<br/><br/>The hero of the film, Ator, is no more than eye-candy for this literal energy-sucker of a film. Dressed in a loin-cloth and sporting &quot;pecs like melons,&quot; as Joel put it, he belongs more in a fitness magazine than here.<br/><br/>I would recommend this ONLY to die-hard, and I mean die-hard followers of cheese. If you have an enemy, recommend them this film. If you make it through this, I commend you. You should be able to make it through anything.
If you have missed out on watching this film on MST3K, consider finding the home video version free of that irritating silhouette and yap-yap. The experience will be far greater that way. Before this takes the cake as one of the worst movies in the IMDb history, a few things need to be looked at here. THE BLADE MASTER barely, and just barely, passes in my grade book. As an 80s production, it pays homage to those sword &amp; sandal movies of the 60s, giving viewers that mythical touch. The props, costumes, make-up, fog effects, and scenery are true in form, and a huge cast of villains and villagers compensates for hard work in the making. All positive items mentioned, everything else needs a lot of improvement. Some things are meant to be silly than rather boldly. Ator runs up fast shouting &quot;Wait!&quot;, and lifts his hand up shouting &quot;Stop!&quot;. Or how about the mythical, yet corny dialogue that consists of breaks in between the sentences? And what about Mila? More like a damsel in distress than Xena. But the biggest embarrassment of all concerns five shrieking bimbos in plain cloth falling into the serpent&#39;s lair with a huge rubber snake. Almost passable as it can resist, its worst failing grades go to acting, lighting, choreography, and direction. A visible boom mic will not deduct any points. THE BLADE MASTER had some signs of effort in presenting the audience with the imagination and creativity of the bold barbaric legend, and escapes danger of failing grade. Congratulations, you passed…..with a D-minus!

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